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Chronic skin diseases : answers for optimised therapeutic adhesion. Interest of topical dermocosmetics

Scientific program

Jean-François Stalder (Hôtel Dieu Hospital, Nantes)
Therapeutic education for better adherence to treatment: a challenge for all
Carle Paul (Dermatology department, Purpan Hospital, Toulouse)
Doctor – patient relationship: evaluating the severity of dermatoses and quality of life
Thomas Diepgen (University of Heidelberg, Dept. of Social Medicine, Heidelberg)
German model of therapeutic education. Treating chronic dermatitis in the hands
Maya El Hachem (Jésus Children's Hospital - Rome)
Italian model of therapeutic education on atopic dermatitis
Joëlle Nonni (Avène Hydrotherapy Center)
Information and educational workshops in hydrotherapy centers
Juliette Mazereeuw (Dermatology department, Purpan Hospital, Toulouse)
Therapeutic education on psoriasis. Role of keratolytic emollients
Dalila Sid-Mohand, Director of the Association to combat psoriasis (APLCP)
Expectations of psoriasis patients
Marie Cécile Verly, President of the National Ichthyosis Association (ANIPS)
Expectations of ichthyosis patients
Daniel Plantier (Dermatologist, Croix)
The private dermatologist's perspective