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Dear all,

Since 2002, the Entretiens d’Avène has enabled an interdisciplinary exchange between science and practice on a key theme of dermatology. For the first time, this annual meeting will be held as an online conference. This year’s topic will be “Facing sensitive skin – Bringing light into darkness”.

According with the International Forum for the Study of Itch (IFSI), sensitive skin is a syndrome clinically defined by characteristic sensory perceptions including tightness, abnormal stinging, burning, tingling, pain and pruritus. The unpleasant sensations described are in response to stimuli that normally should not provoke such sensations. Sensitive skin extremely affects patients’ quality of life. The presence of potentially irritant substances in cosmetics composition increases the clinical expression of symptoms. As sensitive skin is frequent, the continuous research of active and safe skin care products to prevent and treat sensitive skin is extremely welcome.


At this meeting, we will count on two international experts, Professor Wollenberg (Germany) and Professor Gimenez-Arnau (Spain), who will discuss about new insights on sensitive skin. A special guest will accompany us, telling her story as a patient suffering from sensitive skin. Interactive clinical cases, tips for effective consultation, as well as live questions and answers, will also animate this event.

We are proud to welcome you to this very unique edition of Entretiens d’Avène!